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Before the clans’ war in Red City in 2103, two infants were born – twins. The brother of the pair ends up killed by werewolves as a sacrifice to the God’s, believing that each killed infant would protect their immortality…but one child – the other twin – survives and lives to tell the tale. Seventeen-year-old Katy Russell, a sympathetic and incredible Assassin who works for the Red Hood incorporation in futuristic USA, is known for her werewolf’s attack marks on her left cheek. A handsome shapeshifter man, Jack Gump, follows Katy Russell as her Sniffer to locate his other species with her brave team members she’s in charge of. However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running out for Katy before they stop the leader of the shapeshifters who owns their freewill.

1 review for HardWork

  1. 5 out of 5

    James Peters

    Good book, but needs more pages.

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