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Effective Points For Producing Attractive Write Ups

Effective Points For Producing Attractive Write Ups

Write ups are accounts or articles that are published.  Write up is an article in a newspaper or magazine in which somebody writes what he thinks about a new book, magazine, play or product. They are especially some flattering sort of articles.  

The write up should have a content of high quality which should grip the reader. The language used should not however be difficult to understand. While writing any write up, the target audience and their caliber should be kept in mind.

To make a write up look attractive, do not use long paragraphs. Long paragraphs may confuse reader and he/she might leave reading it. Long paragraphs would possibly make the readers skip over the article on to some more attractive one. Also it’s a nice idea to use bullets or points since they easily catch attention, look interesting and attractive, say more in few words. Bullets or numbering make write ups look interesting and the page seems to appear more ordered. You can also start it by using any famous dialogue or line which is present in the article, book or play if you are writing your write up on them.

 To produce an attractive write up, the title should be very interesting. It is always the title that grabs the attention of the reader.  Title gives the reader the gist of what he would be reading in the following write up and may arouse his curiosity.

Write ups are as flattery of a book, film, product, etc, therefore, it should have some excellent adjectives to make it look interesting. Your opinion when writing a write up should be clear. You must clearly state if it’s good, excellent, bad, average or whatever you think of it. Do not leave the reader in confusion or it would make your write up unattractive. Along with it, you should be convincing enough to make your readers believe you. But make sure you do not reveal any such thing that would lessen the curiosity level of the reader.

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