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How to Create Originality in Few Seconds with Less cramming

How to Create Originality in Few Seconds with Less cramming

Different and unique style of writing always grasps the reader’s attention towards any piece of writing. In article writing, less always has more impact on the readers’ mind.

You can bring innovation and uniqueness in your article by coming up with new ideas and information. If you want to write a general article select a topic which, you think, would seem to grip interest of every age group of people. For example “The mystery of Bermuda Triangle”: you can explain the whole facts, details and location of this mysterious triangle in just two or three paragraphs and due to its curious and mystifying story it can attract large number of people.

Don’t select a general title or topic for your article. Even if the content is general the title should be interest grasping. Avoid adding unnecessary detail and information even if it is related to the article. Try to find any unique prospect in the article and then elaborate it.

Add question marks, bullets, exclamation and other signs to make it more impact full for your readers. Try to use short sentences in every paragraph.

If the article you are writing is based on the current situations of the world and you want to criticize it, use informal sarcastic tone in your writing. You can also start your article with any specific joke and then continue your writing based on that jibe.

Usually while writing for any newspaper or magazine, writers avoid writing lengthy and complicated articles. Write in informal writing style like you are generally explaining it someone. Don’t worry about mistakes; you can correct them later while you are rechecking the article.

Another important thing which you can do to show creativity in your writing is to either start your article with a question or let the readers’ decide that you are wrong or right. Such effective innovations can definitely increase the number of readers for your articles.

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