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Alien Busters

This first book in Safa Shaqsy’s Amazon bestselling Alien Busters series. This science fiction series set in a futuristic planet has captured the hearts of teen and adult readers.Alien BustersRead More
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Criminal Damage

"My life is in danger, but really, what is the worst that could happen?" Time will tell the tales of the grand metropolis, its streets run a bloody crimson with the unlawful anarchy. Though there are those who strive to fight off the incoming forces that would tear their city apart, they are too few too ever prevail- Until Joshua...
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The Return of Harry

The Return of Harry. Harry Bravo is a criminal with a conscience. He is the brain of his crew. The other four criminals look up to him, for one thing Harry is talented at is planning successful crimes. Now there is one last job for them to do. They are going to rob a jewelry store of a very rare...