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This video is an intro of the website and on the benefits of registering and selling your ebooks with us.  This will give you some ideas of what  we offer. Plus what you need to do to start.  

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We help book writers or authors sell more books: We bring the buyers to you. Thousands of authors visit modernpublish every month looking for a good book (from romance to horror). Why miss out on them seeing yours? All you have to do is upload your book and its cover and we take care of the rest. We let you choose how much you sell your books for. Sometimes authors and buyers will buy books they haven’t read yet. Your book can inspire them. No limit on how many books you can submit. We spend $$ on promoting your work so you don’t have to.

Our Rates

We pay all of our book authors a flat rate of 70% per sale.  So if you sell a book for $100 (remember, you choose the price of your books yourself), you’ll receive $70. No hidden fees.

Step by Step

Here’s a summary of how the process works, from start to finish.

1. Start by Registering your account. Select option as a vendor so that you get to become a book authors or vendor.

2. Check your email for the username and password and login to he website using the link sent to you. then change your password while there.

3. Read our book authors guide and our book submission guide then submit your book for review. Books are normally reviewed within 2-4 days of their submission.

4. After your first book have been approved, it helps if you promote your shop page by driving traffic to it. Here are some ways you could do that:

  • Share your link in social medias to get more customers.
  • link to your shop page from your personal website, Twitter profile, Facebook page, etc
  • add a link to your shop in your email signature
  • if you use a related topic in a forum, consider including a link to your shop in your signature.

You don’t need to do this to get sales, but we’ve noticed that many book authors who take extra steps to drive traffic to their shop pages are rewarded for it.

5. When you make a sale, you’ll be notified automatically by email. Sometimes the customer will have added a note to the order or will send you an enquiry about the book. You can send back messages to your customer so that they get enough information which will lead to a purchase. Please contact them via email and ask what they would like to know from you. 

6. Get paid. Every week we send out payments to our book authors who have made sales via PayPal as long us the amount reached $100. Once a week we pay you 70% of the sale price (which you set yourself). So if you sold any books up to $100 on any day of the week we will calculate the amount and send you 70% of the total as long as the new sells was two days before the next pay and send it to your Paypal address on the following week.

7. PDF and Word Documents are not allowed. We only sell eBooks, no print version yet.


Allowed ebook file uploads are ePub and MOBI only. You can use online and offline free file converters to convert your files before uploads, search Google. Here are some recommended links: 

1] Online ePub converter click here  

2] https://calibre-ebook.com/ 

3] https://www.any-ebook-converter.com

4] https://www.zamzar.com/convert/epub-to-mobi/

5] https://toepub.com/

6] https://blog.reedsy.com/epub-to-mobi-converter/

Allowed file extensions for your cover images are:  JPG, Jpeg, and PNG only.

Questions about any of this, please let us know

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